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Is your current branch and admin space straight out of 1988?



Does your credit union CEO office need a new design?



Are you purchasing land and plan to build a new headquarters or branch?



Is your break room so unappetizing that your staff takes breaks in their car? 



Do you plan to REmodel a retail store into a credit union branch?



Whether you have a contractor, need a contractor, just want cosmetic upgrades such as flooring, paint, lighting, furniture, or only have a small space needing REinvented or REpurposed....REfresh! REfresh! REfresh!


REfresh provides a full design of the credit union space as well as on-site supervision, and oversees the budget and billing. This allows credit unions to perform their day to day functions without trying to hire 5 companies to do the 5 things they need done. 


What does a REfresh cost? It depends on the project scope. We charge one flat fee depending on the project which covers the design and project management. Unlike a contractor, REfresh does not add 15% to each and every vendor purchase or subcontractor. We provide simple, streamline billing that is transparent and easy to understand. We are licensed and insured and ready to chat about your next REfresh project! 

About Christie

ABOUT Christie


I am the person who walks into a space (any space - office, store, someone's home, lobby/entrance) and internally evaluates ways to improve the functionality and overall feel. How someone feels in a space is a make or break deal and I love showing people how to reduce friction, improve layout, add branding and improve the overall member experience. I am obsessed with creating clean, organized, exciting spaces that are beautiful and unique but also functional without breaking the bank (or, I mean credit union). 


I worked for CCUL (California and Nevada Credit Union League) as manager of membership and credit union solutions for four years. During my tenure, I noticed many branches and admin spaces were a bit tired and outdated. Credit Unions focused on updating their website but the actual experience in the credit union was lost in 40 year-old-finishes. It's difficult to marry a new logo and brand with an outdated space. I found a niche and started REfresh April 2019! 

I'm a mom of 2, business owner, lover of red wine, warm sunshine, any body of water and dogs. Although a Northern California native, I was raised in Alaska and Northwest Washington. I moved back to Nor Cal in 2007 after living a very cold/wet life up north. Having fun in all I do is my motto. Laughing is my favorite, and providing the best solution for my clients is my passion.  I love my life, I love what I do, I love being home in Nor Cal. Thank you for visiting my site! 



My Partners

Kristen Sullivan

Commercial Broker 

Sam Wilson


Avison Young
Inland Architects
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