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Before & Afters 

Pasadena Service FCU - New Branch in Bell Gardens, CA

This 1200SF space was formerly occupied by Menchies Frozen Yogurt. It’s in a perfectly located shopping center at a major intersection. Tho a small branch, it has a lot of punch! With a 3 person teller line, one MSR desk, tech counter for members, and a 30 foot long custom wall filled with pictures from Southern California landmarks. It’s fun for employees and members to walk the hallway and see all the photos that take them back to childhood memories. Once we obtained the long awaited permit, we cranked this out in 6 weeks! Everything brand new! A complete gut and RE-do. New restroom, breakroom, workroom, teller line, lobby, ATM room, Server room, Janitor’s closet with sink AND the cutest lactation/wellness room you’ve ever seen! This was a fun one for sure!

Excite CU - San Jose, CA

Excite Credit Union’s Blossom Hill branch in San Jose was overdue for a REfresh. We discussed several options of moving walls, relocating the teller line, or just opt for a cosmetic upgrade. It’s a leased space in a very busy shopping center and high foot traffic, so they ultimately decided to REfresh without closing the branch. With this location being one of its busiest branches, a closure for a full gut/REmodel would not be feasible. Our team went right to work on developing a design that incorporated their new brand and a timeline with each phase of work to be performed. It took longer than normal but was worth it in keeping their members happy with full access for their banking needs. New floors, paint, lighting, furniture, restrooms, kitchen, window coverings and a brand new custom built teller line. I also worked directly with their marketing firm on how to brand the walls with graphics/color/words. It turned out REmarkably! The client and employees were thrilled with the new look!

Santa Ana Federal Credit Union

Santa Ana Federal Credit Union underwent quite the REfresh! We completely REconfigured the branch by shrinking the space to accommodate a Training Room and future back office growth. This has been the trend for financial institutions as more and more digital services come available for members. Once we determined the REduced size of the branch, we REpositioned the teller line to face the entrance, added a private office for Operations, and filled the rest of the space with seating, a tech table, and 3 semi-private cubicles for MSR’s and Lending. Everything in this branch is new and branded! Ceiling tiles, lighting, floors, furniture, paint, cabinetry….AND the REstrooms! We REmodeled the REstrooms with new tile, beautiful quartz vanities, designer mirrors and lighting. This project was fun! Lots of weekends and tricky weekday work while the branch REmained fully functional for the members.

Chaffey Federal Credit Union - Rancho Cucamonga CA

Chaffey moved their branch to this high-visibility location with better parking and more space for growth. Luckily, this space was a former financial institution so the layout was almost perfect. We utilized the wide open lobby space for comfortable seating, an interactive tech table for 6, and a room to showcase local businesses. Closing off 2 walls on either side of the teller line provided a secure back office and created a natural meeting space with a view of the lobby. We REused interior windows and doors to create the new layout. New paint and lighting brightened up the space, and new flooring allowed us to have some fun bringing browns and grays together. The pops of deep teal green gave contrast and excitement to their brand. 

Restrooms were brought to life with new tile floors, new receptacles and fresh paint! A wellness room for quiet relaxation was a must, and a brand new custom teller line with quartz tops allowed for personalized interactions with their members. All in all, we saved the credit union hundreds of thousands of dollars by updating the existing footprint, all while keeping the space functional AND inviting. My So-Cal team was amazing to work with. We completed the space on time and without any major hiccups. When the client is happy, we are happy. REfresh with Christie! 

Be Fit Credit Union - HQ and Branch Vacaville, CA 

The teller pods were positioned away from the entrance which confused members and made it difficult to maintain privacy from other members. We REpurposed the pods and built them into the new custom teller counter. It allows line of sight to the front entrance, more counter space for the member, more distance between tellers to add privacy, and gave an "island" feel that was easy to navigate to. We hired an architect to ensure path of traffic was ADA compliant and created options for the member to stand or sit while being assisted. The space is much more cohesive and efficient. 

Heritage Community Credit Union - Fair Oaks Branch, CA

The branch was the last to get a branding REfresh. To keep costs under control, we just painted all walls and ceiling to open up the space without tearing out the wavey soffits. New carpet that matched the branded selection of other locations, new furniture, art, and accessories really completed the look and gave it branded character. We REfreshed the employee break room and restrooms as well. It made the space feel more like home which the employees greatly appreciated. 

1st Nor Cal Credit Union - HQ Employee Restrooms Martinez, CA 

For only $25k, we REfreshed these sad, outdated restrooms with new tile floor and wainscoting, quartz counters, upgraded lighting, bright new mirrors and a fresh coat of white paint. What a difference this made! 

Safe America Credit Union - Hayward, CA 

The exterior blended into the sky and sidewalk and lacked presence. B of A was a couple blocks away so we needed to give this branch an eye-catching paint REfresh. Using branded colors, we achieved a look that the community could see a mile away! 

San Mateo Credit Union - HQ Redwood City, CA.

The CEO office reflected his predecessor's style so the decision was made to update the office to match his lifestyle and hobbies. With new wall paint, we brightened up the space and gave it a clean minimalist look. New roller shades to help keep the glare and heat out, new carpet and furniture to reflect his style and industrial feel he was looking for. The combination of leather, glass and chrome give a modern look, easy to clean and maintain, and overall sleek appearance. We showcased his photos, skis, skateboard and surfboard on the walls in order to personalize the office based on his hobbies. A very cool look! 

1st Nor Cal Credit Union HQ - Martinez, CA

1st Nor Cal Credit Union's Headquarters and Branch located in Martinez, CA was in desperate need of a REfresh. The credit union asked me to REfresh and REdesign the admin spaces and provide growth for future employees. As well as REfresh and REvive the branch, employee kitchen/break room, women's restroom and provide a private sitting nook for those that want to utilize a comfy space during their breaks.


The challenge was to use their existing blue/gray carpet and integrate their branded colors of brown and green. Not only did I make all those colors work, but I added 18 additional work spaces! 

The credit union gave me the reigns to do whatever I wanted so I made every space as fun, interesting, inviting, comfortable, friendly as possible. I used bright fun colors in the break room, created a "Nordstrom" lounge in the employee's women restroom and glammed-up the branch with gold accents to make the shiny gold t-bar ceiling work.

The artwork in the branch are historical photos of Martinez where members and employees enjoy walking along the "gallery" to see photos of distant relatives and landmarks. This project was three and a half months long and the most fun I've had on a job - even in the midst of Covid-19. 

SafeAmerica Credit Union -Tracy, CA

This particular branch is on the private property of the Safeway Distribution Center and is specific to Safeway employees, even though SafeAmerica CU is a community based credit union.


The branch had hand-me-down furniture and really didn't make a branding statement of any kind. They provide exceptional service to Safeway's employees but there was a lack of confidence in this space.


The REfresh consisted of implementing Safeway's famous RED color while adding better privacy for transactions, additional storage, marketing outlets and refreshments for hard working Safeway employees. 

New carpet, paint, lighting, work stations, and refreshment counter gives this branch the credit union confidence it needed and connects the credit union with its valued Safeway members.

Organized Labor Credit Union- Modesto, CA

Sometimes a REfresh can be as simple as investing in new furniture and art. That's exactly what this REfesh was about and look at the transformation!


The membership is solely for members of the Labor Union and their families. The branch is a huge welcoming open space but the couches and marketing material on the walls were tired and uninviting.


Out with the old, in with the new with 4 stunning leather chairs, a rug to anchor the room and really fun wall prints highlighting basic tools and how they were first invented/created. 

Very interesting wall art that creates conversations and makes each member feel at home. Simple REfresh with dynamic REsults!

Modesto's 1st Credit Union- Modesto, CA

This small but mighty credit union recently opened its membership to the community after being geared to serve city employees only.


They needed a REfresh to attract the community to establish new members and showcase their full-service portfolio. The tired and very "blue" credit union needed a modern feel with an open concept to provide a personal experience with their members.


The mammoth teller line felt like a huge barrier and limited conversations to just transactions. The carpet was decades old, the bathrooms and kitchen needed a full gut and redesign. 

Two months later, this credit union had the confidence it needed to proudly serve the members they valued so deeply.

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